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Urawa Unagi(Eel)

At one time, the rivers and wetlands of the Urawa area were teeming with unagi and these eels were cooked and served to travelers on the old Nakasendo road, making Urawa famous for unagi even to this day. Unagi is part of Japanese cuisine culture and has been popular since ancient times, for example as “kabayaki” or marinated, grilled eel, traditionally eaten on the day of the Ox in mid-summer. “Three years to skewer one, a lifetime to cook it” is a well-known saying that depicts the time required for unagi chefs to perfect their art, with each restaurant’s taste determined by the unique sauce it uses. Continuing these traditional techniques are our well-established unagi restaurants which offer a delicious opportunity to enjoy Urawa unagi.

Photo Name Address Tel Website
Unagi Ginza Owada Urawa-ten 3-8-22 Harayama, Midori Ward
048-883-2466Unagi Ginza Owada Urawa-ten Website
Korakuen 2235 Daitakubo, Minami Ward
048-882-2909 Korakuen Website
Unagi-dokoro Koga 7-1-20 Tokiwa, Iwatsuki Ward
048-753-9986 Unagi-dokoro Koga Website
Kojimaya 2166 Daitakubo, Minami Ward
048-882-1382 Kojimaya Website
Sunaga 3-44-1 Minamiurawa, Minami Ward
Nakamuraya 3-2-12 Takasago, Urawa Ward
Sumibikabayaki-unagi Hamana 2-9-2 Nakacho, Urawa Ward
Masuya 7-1-3 Kishicho, Urawa Ward
048-822-1101 Masuya Website
Urawa-no-Unagi Mandana 1-2-26 Shikatebukuro, Minami Ward
048-862-5648 Urawa-no-Unagi Mandana Website
Unagi Musashino 1F 8-3 Higashitakasagocho, Urawa Ward
Yadagawa Honten 4-32-28 Harayama, Midori Ward
Yamazakiya 1-10-8 Nakacho, Urawa Ward
048-822-7116 Yamazakiya Website
Waka 3-1-18 Motobuto, Urawa Ward