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Omiya Bonsai

Following the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, Tokyo bonsai artists moved in search of fertile, spacious land, fresh air and clean water, and this was the origin of Omiya’s Bonsai Village. Now, even abroad, bonsai are highly valued and the word “bonsai” is part of our global vocabulary, with many bonsai artists around the world. Omiya’s Bonsai village includes the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, which promotes bonsai culture and serves as a hub for tourism.
Bonsai Village also boasts unique gardens of “Omiya Bonsai” nurtured through traditional techniques passed down from the Edo period.

Photo Name Address Tel Website
Kyuka-en 131 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward
048-663-0423 Kyuka-en Website
Shosetsu-en 2-640 Higashionaricho, Kita Ward
Seiko-en 268 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward 
0120-464-870 Seiko-en Website
Toju-en 247 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward
Fuyo-en 96 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward
Mansei-en 285 Bonsaicho, Kita Ward