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Iwatsuki Dolls

Iwatsuki, a lively castle town and an inn town on the Nikko Onarimichi road, is also one of the leading doll production sites in Japan. The Iwatsuki neighborhood is also a production center of paulownia wood crafts such as chests, and it is believed that doll making began using paulownia powder, a byproduct, as a material. Two types of dolls are made using two different techniques, costume dolls and Kimekomi dolls, and the crafting of props, cases, hina-byobu ( folding screens for dolls ), and other related items remain alive and well in this area. The "Iwatsuki Ningyo (doll)" and "Edo Kimekomi Ningyo" are designated as traditional crafts by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and many traditional craftsmen are actively engaged in the industry.

Photo Name Address Tel Website
Aoki Ningyo 2-9-14 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Arai Ningyo-ten 9-35 Atagocho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-2364 Arai Ningyo-ten Website
Arimatsu Ningyo-kobo 5-13 Miyukicho, Iwatsuki Ward
Iizuka Ningyo 1-2-1-2 Kakura, Iwatsuki Ward
048-812-8108 Iizuka Ningyo Website
Ishikawa Jumpei 4-5-9 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Ino Ningyo-kobo 9-35 Atagocho, Iwatsuki Ward
Ifuji Ningyo-ten 2-1-89 Shiromachi, Iwatsuki Ward
Okano Ningyo Kodogu 2-8-2 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-758-0656 Okano Ningyo Kodogu Website
Orihara Ningyo 5-4-19 Nishimachi, Iwatsuki Ward
Kaneko-no-Ningyo 1-17-9 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Kanehisa Ningyo 1-18-22 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Kawauchi Ningyo-ten 2-7-22 Miyacho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-2759 Kawauchi Ningyo-ten Website
Dashi-Ningyoshi Mitsumoto 5-8-17 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-757-6721 Dashi-Ningyoshi Mitsumoto Website
Kobo Tensho 10-3 Atagocho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-757-3131 Kobo Tensho Website
Koboku Ningyo  2-1-3 Kokaba, Iwatsuki Ward
048-794-2964 Koboku Ningyo Website
Sanei Ningyo 2-8-12 Miyacho, Iwatsuki Ward

Juko Kogei 5078-2 Iwatsuki, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-0811 Juko Kogei Website
Suzuki Kebori-ten 6-4-12 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Suzuki Ningyo 3-5-16 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Taisei Ningyo 1-9-28 Higashicho, Iwatsuki Ward
Tanaka Ningyo Kodogu-ten 2-7-14 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Toei Ningyo 1-28-11 Kakura, Iwatsuki Ward
Toko Tagaya Ningyo-ten 3-11-8 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Nakajima Satoshi Ningyo-ten 5-11-33 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Ningyo-kobo Nakamura 2-23-9 Fukasaku, Minuma Ward
Ningyo-no-Kagetsu 1-18-10 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-3419 Ningyo-no-Kagetsu Website
Kobo Yuki 2-5-1 Higashicho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-757-5038 Kobo Yuki Website
Kobo Hinahina 491-1 Hasunuma, Minuma Ward
048-680-5631 Kobo Hinahina Website
Ningyo-no-Shoei 1-5-1 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-758-2008 Ningyo-no-Shoei Website
Ningyo-no-Togyoku 1-3-2 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-1111 Ningyo-no-Togyoku Website
Ningyo Fukufuji 1520 Omotejionji, Iwatsuki Ward
Ningyo-kobo Hitotoe 1358-1 Ukiya, Iwatsuki Ward
048-798-8008 Ningyo-kobo Hitotoe Website
Hina-no-Koei Yasaku Ningyo-ten 4-3-5 Nishimachi, Iwatsuki Ward
048-758-0017 Hina-no-Koei Yasaku Ningyo-ten
Hogyoku 3-17-20 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
Hoshino Byobu-ten 2-13-4 Nakacho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-758-2171 Hoshino Byobu-ten Website
Matsuguchi Ningyo 4-6-33 Nishimachi, Iwatsuki Ward
Meigyoku Ningyo-ten 1-18-15 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward
048-756-0301 Meigyoku Ningyo-ten Website
Mochizuki Satsuki-ten 1-36-9 Minamihirano, Iwatsuki Ward
Morita Ningyo-ten 1-1-3 Miyacho, Iwatsuki Ward
Horyosaku Yamazaki Ningyo Kodogu 9-39 Atagocho, Iwatsuki Ward
Yoshimasa Kobo 3-6-5 Jonan, Iwatsuki Ward